The Trump Conundrum

I hinted about my thoughts on the whole Trump situation about a week or so ago. Being an American who lives abroad, it is a topic that's constantly brought up. Despite the fact all my university degrees have a connection to political science and international relations, I aim to avoid political conversations. I could get into a whole other post about why but truth be told, it would be boring.

Now I'm kicking the notion of avoiding these conversations into hyper-drive. I don't agree with our current administration, but I'm avoiding these conversations because they are so negative and only promote fear and speculation. I agree--it is a terrifying time, and I'm not naive or oblivious. I know I'm fortunate that I don't have to worry about keeping my home, my livelihood, my lawful right to love, and a whole host of other topics that people now fear on a daily basis they will lose. 

I keep getting roped into these Trump conversations, and they aren't productive. I go out of my way to face the day with positivity and focus on the good things. I think this approach has allowed me to grow and achieve some pretty incredible things to date. When I get sucked into the Trump speculation, I never exit feeling good, empowered to tackle the day or excited about the world as a whole. 

So going forward, I'll politely excuse myself or segway into a non-related topic, so don't be surprised. This doesn't mean I'm not worried about the world; it just means that I think one of my better gifts to the world is my positive energy and I want to stay focused on that.