Vacation Envy

This post might sound absolutely ridiculous because I travel basically non-stop. What people don't know is that I rarely get to be a tourist. I spend most of my time in parking lots and hotels. I don't spend time visiting museums, eating at restaurants or seeing iconic landmarks. A race counts as a cultural experience if I manage to make it to a supermarket. So yes, I've visited all the continents except Antarctica, Yet, I rarely get a taste of the local culture. Instead, I judge these experiences based on hotel buffet, access to coffee and race transfers. 

I'm home this weekend and loving it. Please realize that the weather still leaves much to be desired but that's Belgium. 

On my Instagram feed, I'm seeing loads of photos of friends taking weekend trips skiing, to the beach or a jaunt to a city for a foodie trip. And I'm jealous. Typically, I go on one good 10-day vacation and a few weekend trips a year, but last year proved challenging, particularly due to the foot surgery, and basically none of that happened. 

Now this year, the Roommate and I are passing ships in a storm (the closest I'll get to seeing him is potentially on TV during Strade today) and I get a bit lonely and jealous. I want to go for a long weekend somewhere and having a good dining companion. So instead of complaining or wallowing, I'm going to pull out the calendar and figure out ways to maximize. It probably won't happen until late May and after the Tour of California, but a great little vacation is in my future. Maybe a convertible rental car and somewhere along CA Route 1? A wine tasting adventure? A jaunt to Cabo to go fishing?? Ahhhh, the options!!!