For nearly a decade, I've handled press and PR in men's professional cycling. It's a niche sport, and like all niche sports, there is no job or contract that covers everything. Over the years I've worn many hats including the obvious PR functions, but I've also functioned as a sponsor liaison, marketing consultant, video producer, translator, negotiator, social media manager and occasional taxi driver. In sponsor-driven sports, you must function outside the standard scope of work to thrive.

I was born and raised in the United States and now call Gent, Belgium home.  I am on the road globally around 200+ days a year, so more accurately--my suitcase is home. I am a native English speaker, know passable Dutch, and have a master's degree from Virginia Tech.


I excel when my project excels. I think outside the box and approach projects creatively without looking to teams or industry brands for inspiration. My work is fresh, it's new, and it's different. 

My passion is helping athletes cultivate their distinct voice and brand. I create customized strategic communications plans for athletes and events that focus on their unique stories and passions with the goals of increasing media exposure, reaching a broader audience and refining an athlete's overall brand image.