Bouncing Back

I'm alive, I'm human, and I feel motivated and energized. Today's been full gas from the start, but at least physically I had the energy to take it as it comes. I've had a day chocked full of conference calls, a lunch meeting and Much of this is because I put things off all week due to travel and sheer exhaustion. It all caught up with me today.

It seems like slowing down yesterday was the wise move. I did crawl into bed last night and look at my Fitbit and think, "I really should have gotten out and walked yesterday." Mentally, slowing down isn't my strongest skill. But I slept for about 10 1/2 hours (WHAT?!) and woke up without an alarm this morning feeling much better. Able to actually tackle the day, which I think would have been impossible if I didn't take yesterday so easy.

Today, I keep trying to find time to squeeze in a workout or to go for a walk, but that hasn't happened yet, and the sun will set soon. So instead of writing more, I'm going to lace up my sneakers, download a podcast and get the first bit of movement and fresh air since Sunday.