Feeling Wrecked

I’m wrecked today. Similar to the travel out to Abu Dhabi, the travel back has left me spent. I get frustrated with myself when I’m this tired. I don’t want to slow down; I don’t want to take a day off from working out. But my body is so tired. I’m achy and sore in a way that doesn’t even make sense.

Mentally, I’m shot. I think I’m firing at less than 75%, which makes me concerned about the quality of work I’m putting out. This is all a great example that relates to yesterday’s post when I said that business works during the week. I can’t take today off to recharge like I need to because there is too much work that needs to get done. I'm not complaining; this simply is how it is. There was a fair amount of regular work that I put off while I was in Abu Dhabi. When I’m at a race, I do triage and only deal with the things that are critical. This means I always come home to a backlog of work I need to tackle.  

It’s crazy what complete exhaustion feels like. Looking back, I can understand that waking up at 6 am and working until 11 pm for 10 days caught up with me. I shouldn’t be surprised or frustrated with myself. Right now, the best use of my time is finding ways to recharge and recover. Today that might mean not working out and not getting my 12,500 steps. Already, I let myself work from the couch instead of sitting at my desk. As soon as I can stop working, I’m going to watch TV, maybe take a bath, eat an awesome dinner and see if I can make it until 8:30 pm to climb into bed. If I do all the right things today, I’m hoping I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling a little more renewed and with enough energy to truly tackle the day.