Living For the Weekend

It's pathetic, sad and I think a great glimpse into my life. When I'm on the road, I have no idea what day of the week it is. Sure, I know it's Stage 2 or 3, but if that falls on a Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday is totally lost on me. I also have no clue when I see my partner again, and that's equally okay. 

I grew up in the typical American household and was spoiled to have my dad at dinner most nights. I worked a corporate job and lived my own adult version of a 9-5 life for six years after earning my Masters degree. For those that know me from then, remember Happiness Awaits? I struggled for a long time to find my place in this world---that delicate mix of happiness combined with drive and determination. Apparently, men's professional cycling was what I need. Additionally, my team is special, and we don't adhere to the same rules, goals, and expectations as other teams. We've set our own markers for success, and I truly feel that environment has allowed me to thrive. 

Month-after-month, I clocking a ridiculous number of hours not just traveling but also simply doing the day-in, day-out tasks of my job. Sports compete on weekends, therefore I don't get weekends off. Normal business life work happens on weekdays, so.......that means I'm basically always working.

I feel spoiled, and I love this job. But at times, it can still be work. As in, I've spent two days traveling home from Abu Dhabi after 10 days of 12+ hour workdays. It is a Tuesday and I desperately need/want a day off but at this point in the season, that simply isn't an option. Maybe this weekend? Again, we race so maybe.

Additionally, this year has proven to be a comedy of 'errors' when it comes to my relationship with the Roommate. I went to Spain and upon flying out, he was already on a flight to Spain. No overlap. I flew to Dubai and he flew to Oman the day I was slated to return. When he flew back from Oman, I was on a plane to Abu Dhabi. Leaving Abu Dhabi, he's already driving to Strade Bianchi and spending nearly a month in Italy. 

It isn't the weekend work that's hard. In our world's, last minute schedule changes are what break you. You believe you have a day off or a weekend together that you desperately need and then suddenly watch it disappear. It's hard and it can be a deal breaker in many relationships. It works for us for two reasons:

  1. We are both in this world. We know what the insides look like and how it works. We also understand that our schedules aren't actually our schedules. They are suggestions that neither of us have real control over. 
  2. We are absolutely spoiled rotten to have these careers. We have amazing jobs that carry us around the world. It is exciting, dynamic and adventurous---all things most people would love to claim at their jobs.

So if not seeing each other for a few weeks or even in this case, a few months is the worst it gets, I still feel like we are ridiculously spoiled and fortunate for the life we lead. And even more so that I've got a partner to enjoy and commiserate with through it all.