Soft Opening

After nearly a year without blogging, writing the first blog post back comes down to writing the first words, right? Seems so simple yet I've kicked around this idea of coming back for days, weeks, maybe even months.

I don't even remember stopping. It wasn't a conscious decision. I took a weekend off after blogging every day for a month. A weekend turned into Wednesday, which turned into two weeks and 10 months later, here we are.

I've missed it, but I think some of the reason I lost it is that I couldn't figure out my voice. Am I showing my life as a PR professional in pro bike racing or am I simply showing me? If I frame it as a glimpse into my job, then I'm not motivated to write the blog. I love my job, but I aim to pour my creativity into my clients, not myself.

If it's pulling back the curtain on what it's like to live out of a suitcase, function in a predominantly male environment and attempt to thrive as an expat and all the dirt, grime, glitter, and joy that comes with that, then I can do it. 

Maybe I shouldn't link to this through a professional website but juggling another website doesn't seem worth it. I work 16-hour days for months straight. Long ago, I gave up on having a work/life separation. My work and life blend nearly seamlessly together, so I feel that this blog is simply another example of that.