Sunday Funday

This is going to be brief but I'm staying true with my daily posts! It's been an incredibly lazy day. I stayed in bed until 10am, watched random TV until at least noon and then wandered around town for awhile. I had things on my to-do list and I basically ignored every single one. There is a part of me that's proud of that move because it's rare for me to turn off my Type A side.

My sister arrives from the US in the morning. She's only here until Friday morning yet I still have full-time, full-gas work. I was stressing when I thinking about juggling it all. 

Then I decided to change my approach. When people come visit me, I feel like I have to create the perfect holiday. It takes its toll on me and rarely leaves me happy. So for this trip, all that's out the window. Instead, I'm going to try and focus on making it an enjoyable week for me that gets to include my sister. I won't ignore all my needs in an attempt to make someone else happy. I've got a few plans in place to keep all the plates spinning (waking up extra early) but otherwise, I plan for us to decide our days together and just flow as it comes. I won't be acting like the tour guide and that takes so much pressure off me. 

So far, I haven't even vacuumed and mopped. Apparently what she sees is what she's getting when it comes to my life. And I'm fine with that.