One Month, Continuous Blogging

Funny enough, yesterday would have been the one-month mark of writing every day. Figures it was the first day that I've missed a post. Life just got too crazy with one of the biggest interviews for the team, mixed with a team dinner out, and getting packed to fly back to Europe today. All excuses but I didn't really have any moments for me yesterday and writing was one of the first things I knew I could skip.

I'm back in motion and currently sitting in the Delta lounge at JFK before my flight back to Brussels. I always feel spoiled when I get to spend the day here. It's as good as any office. And once I'm home, I should be there for maybe up to three weeks! That sounds absolutely amazing. And the Roommate should be there for a little while. We haven't really seen each other since January training camp, so that's great news.

Blah.blah.blah. Yep, my brain is fried and all my attention is on getting home, so with that, I'm signing off.