Aligning on Abundance

Aligning on abundance, say what?! Those seem just like funny words strung together. But it's actually a mindset I try to focus on. It doesn't mean having the most money in the world or owning a closet full of shoes, it is more a broader mentality that I try to approach life with. Something more like focusing your aims and intentions on garnering life's riches.

For the last week, maybe longer, I've sort of lost that path. I think it was clear in my writing that I was in a more negative place than I like to be. I don't think that's any one person or thing's fault, I actually take all that responsibility on myself. For the past week or so, I simply focused on doing and acting for other people. Sure, at times I thought about, "what do I need or want" but that was pretty rare and I feel that was a universal fault of mine. I'm happier and everyone else is happier when decisions are made from that positive place of "what do I need or want".

Today, I slowed down and tackled the day with that intention. Sure, I still worked probably 6-8 hours. But I also stopped by and saw a friend, got out for a 7-kilometer walk, snuck in some yoga and made a dinner that fed my soul (white bean soup and grilled salmon salad). The reason that I was able to get myself to a happier place was that I tried to make decisions based on what would bring me the most joy and happiness. "What do I need or what"?

It might be strange for some, but my work brings me such joy and happiness. I absolutely adore my job and even more so, I love my riders and this unique project. We are at a big race in Italy and they are riding like rockstars. I love being able to showcase that. Most people wouldn't want to work on a Saturday, but I have so many goals I want to achieve professionally for this project this year, that it means I want to work on a Saturday. And most likely another full day again tomorrow on a Sunday. I want to know that I'm putting in all the effort that I can to help us succeed.

This shift in mentality was greater than just work. I also decided it was time to let go of the whole pre-surgery weight battle. Every year, my happiest weight, confidence, and food times are around the US races--Tour of California, Utah and Colorado. Today, I tried to figure out why and a large part of it is just being back in the States and having familiar foods. But it's also greater than that. When I'm in the US, I let myself enjoy because I know I'm not going to get tacos, roasted hatch chilies or a local California pinot again anytime soon. I prioritize the good things and somehow everything else falls into place. It dawned on me today that maybe I should prioritize the good things, live life now as if it was where I wanted it to be and then simply see what happens? No more focusing on the I shouldn't or I can't have or do...yet also taking a moment when making decisions to ensure they are the right ones. Not just blindly doing this. That's why the US model works--I know to appreciate.

Life has taught me that focusing on the good things won't let you why not focus on an abundance of good things? And let's see where this leads.....