Anticipation and Expectations

Warning, this is another lame post. After yesterday's post, I was hoping I'd get to write a positive, glowing post revealing some details after that somewhat vague write-up. But no. Instead, I'm back in limbo for another month.

There is really no other way to put it but I'm sad. I'm not sure why or where I came up with the notion that I'd have an answer today, but that didn't happen. Without going into too many details, I think I'm mainly let down by my expectations. That's what is leaving my bummed on the day. Overall, the day went fine...possibly even went positive. And I haven't been deported. I just wanted some answers and a little resolve after all the worrying and stressing I've been going through.

So instead, I regroup. Resilience is one of my fortes. I'll put my head down, get some work done tomorrow even though it's Saturday (apologies to all those unanswered emails today...) and maybe take it a little easy after playing entertainer for the week. A calm, quiet weekend at home sounds luxurious and restorative.

 I'll be back tomorrow. With a little more spark and joie de vivre, I promise. I know I've got it pretty good with this life I lead......