It's Time for a Change

I've been doing this for almost a year. It feels stagnant, yet I love the writing, and I appreciate the accountability. I have no real goals for this, definitely nothing fiscal, but I love writing for writing's sake. 

I'm growing, changing and tackling the world in such a dynamic way that sees me living in a foreign country, traveling frequently and thriving as a female in basically an all-male professional sport. 

I've learned several tricks and been bruised by a variety of situations. They've all helped me grow into someone I'm quite proud of being. And I still have so much room to grow and develop. According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at something. I've probably clocked at least 8,000 hours in my job with this team. I've grown and developed so much over these past 3+ years, and I've had both amazing successes and painful failures. I can feel this is a critical year in my career and I want to squeeze every drop out of it. I want to keep pushing myself, writing more and simply exploring ways to develop as a human. 

My goal here is to push myself to have a more consistent, meaningful and creative writing practice. I'm not sure what that'll exactly look like, but I'm interested in finding out. I want this to be less recapping my experiences and more analyzing and contemplating all that's going on around me. I'll aim for a daily post for three months. After that, I'll check in and see where I'm at and if I've got the same motivation. Maybe it'll shift into something different. Maybe it'll die. Only time will tell.......