Foot Surgery - 3 Months Post-Op

On December 28th, I went in for my three-month post surgery appointment. It both seems like FOREVER ago and so super recently that I had my surgery. All went smoothly with the doctor and he told me that I'll continue to have swelling and pain for another three months and that the stiffness should start to decrease. He seemed pleased with my range of motion and told me that I don't need to come back in unless I have a new issue. All great news.

My scar is now nearly invisible. I'm so amazed and impressed with my surgeon. 

My scar is now nearly invisible. I'm so amazed and impressed with my surgeon. 

My approach to the foot surgery is a little unique because all medical input shows that I'll need it again on my other (right) foot eventually. So throughout this, I've used my left foot as an assessment for when (or if) I'll get it done to the other foot.

The past week or so has actually been really tough on my surgery foot. It has felt very stiff and the pain and swelling have increased. I think this is due to the change in temperatures and dampness outside. I notice my foot doesn't adjust to changes such as cold/warm/cold very well and it simply refuses to bend properly. Again, my doctor has said all of this is completely normal.

Also, I still can't wear most of my shoes. I have a few pairs of Josef Seibel's and a pair of Uggs (with absolutely zero support) that work but it is really limited to basically a pair of ankle boots and my Altra Provision 3.0. This is one of my biggest annoyances so I decided to invest in two new pairs of Josef Seibel's: a knee-high boot and another pair of ankle boots. Josef Seibel's have proven to be the best shoe out there that fits my foot, offers plenty of support and holds up to the wear-and-tear of being worn Now if they'd only hurry up and arrive!

As for the right foot, I try to use the pain and discomfort of my left foot as a metric. My right foot definitely hurts. It increases in discomfort with this weather, but it still isn't as bad as my left foot yet. Maybe it'll never get there, which would be fantastic. I'm in no hurry to go through this surgery again.