A Week in Limbo

I arrived home last Sunday and knew I was leaving Saturday. It’s always an awkward adjustment when you already know you leave so soon. I don’t feel home, but I don’t feel anywhere else. It is strange, off-putting and probably a huge reason why I never got around to grocery shoppin

While I ate delivery or take out basically every night (and one night I just ate a bag of potato chips), I still tried to prioritize me and grabbed a few moments before racing begins, and I lose nearly all resemblance of a private, ‘normal’ life.

Every morning, even if I was waking up at 6:15 am, I stayed in bed for a few extras moments to simply enjoy it. While I get to stay in some lovely hotels, nowhere is as good as my own bed. So, I’d stay in bed and read through the news, a quick glance at Instagram, journal and then do a 10-minute Headspace meditation session. Grabbing this me time meant I felt centered and calm before checking my email and the craziness began. I also tried to work out daily.

The Roommate strongly encouraged (left cash on the table before he left) getting a massage. A new place opened near the apartment, so I had no excuse. I escaped over lunch and had one of the best sports massages in years. It was one of those grit your teeth, but it felt so good types of massages. I spend a lot of time folded into small airplane seats, driving a car or sitting in front of a computer. My body and head are better when I get into a routine of body work, and I’m going to try and prioritize a monthly massage. Biweekly if I’m home. 

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I even made it to the movies one night with a girlfriend and saw LaLaLand. I liked it, truly enjoyed certain moments, but it wasn’t the best thing I’d ever seen.

The week was full gas, full gas, full gas. I was working 12-15 hour days all week, so on Saturday; I tried to get basic life back in order before hitting the road that afternoon. Trash, downloading movies, paying bills and cleaning up for when the roommate passes back through.

I'm in route to Dubai--a wonderful race with great weather, an amazing hotel, and a solid race buffet. I like starting the season this way.