The Night I ate Potato Chips for Dinner and Other Musings

It's been that kind of week. It's actually been that kind of month but for two weeks of it, I was at training camp in a nice hotel where there was a healthy, tasty buffet with a good variety of foods and someone to give me fresh laundry and clean towels every day. Having someone else handle all the basic necessities in life meant I could handle working all day and still smoothly flow through the day.

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It's a bit pathetic, but I never went to the grocery store this week. I have worked 12-15 days and I just didn't have the time nor the effort. If I was going to have a little bit of free time, I was either working out or wanted to have some normal, social time.  (I got to grab a movie this week and it felt amazing to just go sit in a theatre. So normal!)

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  • Tuesday night: Deliveroo from a Korean place. Bibimbap and rice with kimchi. It was good but cost more than I thought it deserved. But super fresh and if I didn't care about price, a win.
  • Wednesday night: Frozen "carrot noodle" soup buried in the depths of the freezer. Also sustained me over lunches. Eggs of served as breakfast. I was smart enough to grab a dozen of fresh ones when I got home.
  • Thursday night: a 1/2 a bag of Walker's Deli Modena balsamic potato chips. I loved them and I'm a little ashamed of that. I did sneak in some (defrosted) frozen peas as I headed to bed because otherwise, life seemed to be going off the rails.
  • Friday night: Takeout from Le Botaniste. I learned my lesson from the overpriced Korean place and could use the extra steps, so I decided to walk and get take out. It was heavenly. Organic. Vegan. Gluten-free. And I have a few leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.
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It was a crazy week. And the start of many crazy weeks. Probably six months worth of crazy weeks. I decided on Tuesday that if I am going to handle this, I need to outsource the things I can. Someone else might need to cook my food, (still in a healthy way) and that's one option that I can choose to relieve some stress. Maybe my next month will be a maid?