Fall Wardrobe Capsule

I'm a few weeks behind in putting my fall wardrobe capsule together. Now that I have a bit more mobility, I can dig under the bed and put my summer clothes into storage. Until I had surgery, we still had occasional 28C (82F) days, but now I think fall has totally arrived.  The average temps for the next week+ is around 15C (60F) with lows reaching 3C (37F), so it's time to put away those rompers and short shorts.

My fall capsule includes a lot of items from summer that I plan to layer over. Layers are key to Belgium fall. In one day, it might be windy and rainy followed by an hour or two of nice sunshine. I also have a lot of Lululemon in there. I went more athleisure for the next few weeks/months because of surgery. Typically, I try to be a little classier around here, but I think recovery requires comfort over skinny jeans. And only super supportive/hard bottomed shoes with wide toe boxes. I haven't actually put a shoe on to my surgery foot, so I'll be interested to see what will actually works. 

For a capsule, you are supposed to have around 37 items. I don't include workout clothes, workout shoes, pajamas or lazy house clothes (jeans you'd never leave the house in or that comfy hoodie sweatshirt that's perfect for a rainy Sunday). And here is my fall capsule:

(Please note that some images are near replicas of what I own but aren't the exact item.)