Playlist: August Cooking Tunes


For the past month, I've been lucky enough to be at races where I have great music to listen to on the radio. At the Tour of Utah, I listened to country radio constantly. When transferring from the start to finish, I rarely had any data connection, so I couldn't use Spotify even if I wanted to (and due to all the crap I have on my phone, I don't have enough space for music). After Utah, I spent time in California and then I simply got to come home. 

When I'm at home, I listen to a variety of music while working. When I really appreciate music is while cooking. I try to give solo cooking as much respect and attention as if I was cooking for others. I typically plan out my meals, grocery shop for fresh ingredients, pour myself a glass of wine, turn on music and get to it.

Here are my ten recent favorite songs to listen to: 

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  • Something More Than Free -- Jason Isbell
  • Hold On -- The Brevet
  • Ride With Me -- John & Jacob
  • Let's Stay Home Tonight -- Need To Breathe
  • Gonna Take A Little Rain -- Andrew Duhon
  • Anywhere But Here -- Drew Holcomb
  • Lost In The Light -- Bahamas
  • Oh My My -- Michael Warren
  • Rhythm & Blues -- The Head and the Heart
  • When I'm With You -- Ben Rector

You can find the playlist here: