Day in the Life: Solo Weekend at Home

I feel like no one day is the same in my life--it doesn't matter if I'm at a race or at home--it always comes with a great deal of fluctuation. When I'm at home on the weekends, I could still be covering a race remotely, the Roommate could be in town or I am flying solo with a fairly wide open weekend. This past weekend was the latter and I absolutely loved it. Here is a quick recap of my Sunday:

8:45am--Woke up without my alarm. Still listening to my body and letting it sleep as much as it wants to recover from all the travel and the hard season. I am a morning person by nature, so sometimes my heart jumps when I see how late it is. Immediately after waking up, I did a 10-minute Headspace session. I go in and out of consistency with mediating, yet I always believe it's an add. Then I did some quick journaling, something I've been fairly consistent with for a few years now. Finally, I headed into the kitchen and made some coffee. 

9:15am--After catching up on some blogs, I hopped in the shower. The sun was shining and I wanted to get outside. On Sundays in Belgium, lots and lots of places are closed. I searched on my phone to see if the organic market was opened and I was surprised to see it was.

expat, belgium, expat life, Gent

10:00am--Out the door and heading for the market. Before shopping, I enjoyed an espresso and a juice with ginger, spinach and a few other things. Then I just wandered around aimlessly. I came home with zucchini, squash, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, rainbow chard, cauliflower, cucumbers and fresh eggs.

expat, belgium, expat life, Gent, Beo markt, organic market, juice, espresso

10:45am--With it so sunny, I just wandered around town for a bit. I wanted to see where was opened and I just enjoy getting a little lost.

expat, belgium, expat life, Gent, historical, side streets

11:30am--Swung my Delhaize, my real grocery store, and got the other things I need for the next few days. I hit the road again on Saturday.

12:15pm--Headed home and dropped off my groceries. A few emails had come in while I was out, so I tackled those.

1:15pm--I'm going back to the States on Saturday for a wedding and I see this as an opportunity to utilize the US mail system. So much cheaper than mailing things internationally! Many friends have had babies recently and I want to send them a little something from Belgium, so I went to my favorite linen and lace shop and grabbed some gifts to mail when I get to New York.

expat, belgium, expat life, Gent, lace, linen

3:00pm--Decided it was wine time and sat outside at my neighborhood bar with a crisp glass of white wine.

expat, belgium, expat life, Gent, afternoon wine, wine, chardonnay

4:10pm--After going home and changing, I headed to a canal to fish. Such a strange hobby for a female, I know. Despite trying three different places, the fish simply weren't biting.

expat, belgium, expat life, Gent, fishing, canal

5:45pm--Discouraged, I headed home.

6:10pm--Sat outside on my patio and did some reading.

expat, belgium, expat life, Gent, reading, Curtis Sittenfeld, books

7:30pm--Dinner for one. Zucchini noodles with tomato sauce, ground beef, pickled red onions and a bunch of basil.

expat, belgium, expat life, Gent, spiralizer, zucchini noodles, low carb, gluten free, 

8:10pm--Watched a very brainless movie on Netflix (Mono) which left me feeling stupider than when I started it. I didn't finish it.

9:45pm--Climbed into bed. I did a little more journaling, caught up on social media and then watched trashy reality TV (Real Housewives of New York). Probably fell asleep a little after 11pm.