Week in Photos

Great week. Super great week. This was the slowest week I've had in months and I think I did well enjoying it to its fullest. Soon life will get super intense all over again. I'm trying to enjoy the slower times, but sometimes it doesn't come that easy for me. I think constantly traveling and working such long hours at races actually gives me energy. That's why I love my job so much. Where other people would be drained, I thrive. 

So coming home after weeks on the move can be an adjustment. Thanks to some absolutely amazing weather in Belgium this week, it made disconnecting and actually being social really enjoyable.

My Saturday afternoon was me multitasking sporting events.  But I got to do it from my sofa in my super cozy apartment....possibly in sweats. The Belgium-Ireland game on the real TV and the Tour de Suisse TT on my computer. I also got ahead on a month's worth of expenses.


On Sunday, I headed up to Brussels for a quick adventure with some visiting Americans. My friend Sara was on a short trip around Europe with one of her coworkers. With only a few hours, I tried to give them a great taste of Belgium. We drank kriek, ate mussels and fries with mayonnaise, went to an ancient bar that served some ridiculous number of Belgian beers, saw Manneken Pis and obviously ate chocolate.

I've been desperate to get the apartment back in shape, especially my patio, after being gone for months. I ignore this space all winter but during the warmer months, I love sitting out here in the morning with coffee and music. On Monday, I went and bought a bunch of flowers at the bloemenmarkt. I managed to do it all in Dutch. I always feel proud when I piece it all together and manage to function in this bizarre foreign language. And finally I'm turning this space back into something I enjoy.

Next up is figuring out a better way to deal with the never ending water that drains there, but that's a project for next week. I already started it, but it's been a total fail so far and I've already been to the Hubo (Dutch Lowe's) three times.  Hopefully four times is a charm. Or maybe I should stop with the DIY projects?

Got a last minute invite to dinner, so spent Tuesday night out on the town. It was such a fun night with good food, booze and American conversation. Football, country music, fishing and such. And a pass through the famed Dulle Griet. It was probably the first warm summer night. Combined with how late the sun stays up right now, everything came together. Perfect way to enjoy this magical city.

On Thursday and Friday, a girlfriend came and stayed with me.  It was great to have someone to share with all the sun and good foods.

For both of those days, the weather was amazing. Hot and abundant sunshine--two things we don't get much of here. This is a country that knows when the sun shines, you drop everything and get outside. It'll be gone soon. So we aimed to be walking and outside as much as possible. On Friday afternoon, we headed to a neighborhood park with some rose, blankets and books. What you can't see in this picture is the clouds are starting to look ominous overhead. 


It poured on the walk home and we looked like drowned rats. Her mother asked if we had gone swimming.....


This upcoming week is going to be a totally different animal. My mother and nephew arrive tomorrow. A few days in Gent and then we are heading to the start of the Tour de France. All of this while juggling work.  The combination makes me a little stressed. When it is just me, I can handle the weird schedule that is my life. I know that I might work hard all morning, have a slow afternoon and then an evening of conference calls and more work. That's my normal and I actually thrive in that environment. But it is such an unconventional schedule. Most people are more creatures of habit and I watch them bristle and get uncomfortable when trying to deal with my world. Especially when they are on vacation.

Fingers crossed it all goes well. A 13-year-old enjoys his first trip to Europe to the utmost and I’m able to balance family and work. It is hard than it sounds when you are someone who usually only has to think for one.....Again, fingers crossed.