Time at Home

For the past few years, I've been on the road nearly every other week. This year has been a little different up to this point. I've actually been home more than gone. It's been amazing and challenging all at once. My road routine is so ingrained that I've struggled with finding a home routine. Surprisingly, this has meant fewer workouts, less walking and much more eating and drinking. It's been both lovely and shameful. 

Time to discover  new fancy bars  in town. 

Time to discover new fancy bars in town. 

When I'm on the road, I have little control over my eating habits. So while home, the Roommate and I make a feast. We both see every night as such a treat that doesn't include a hotel buffet that we go all out, more than we should. 

Bon Appetit's   Chick pea stew . A trusted favorite. 

Bon Appetit's Chick pea stew. A trusted favorite. 

But all of that is coming to a close. After a quick weekend trip to Copenhagen, I start shutting up the apartment for over a month. It's back on the road, back to living out of my suitcase and back to having no control over my schedule or eats. A large part of me is very eager to get going. I'm hoping it is the change I need to get back in my rhythm with exercise, eating and drinking.

Au Bon Vivant  is a gem of a food truck. 

Au Bon Vivant is a gem of a food truck. 

Apparently for me, chaos leads to structure.