Winter Wardrobe Capsule

It might be a few days before winter officially begins, but it already feels like winter. That might be because I was in Hawaii, Dominican Republic and the US South for weeks and now I'm back in cold, rainy Belgium. All I want to wear are sweaters, leggings and boots. 

I had all my winter clothes in storage under my bed and was dreading pulling it all out and going through it. I deal with my summer/spring/fall clothes throughout the year because of my work travels, but my winter clothes are pretty exclusive to Belgium, so I don't even see them for months at a time. To my surprise, searching through them got me excited. I had forgotten about all the awesome winter clothes I have at this point.

For a capsule, the recommended number is 37 items. I don't include base layers, workout clothes, workout shoes, pajamas or lazy house clothes (jeans you'd never leave the house in or that hoodie that is perfect for laying on the sofa watching movies on a snowy day.)

And here is my winter capsule: