I handle PR for a men’s professional cycling team. I’m one of the few females in this sport full-time but each year I see more and more. While American, I’ve been based in Belgium for more than four years. I absolutely adore living in Belgium and feel very fortunate to have my job. I get to travel the world and call it work. For most months, it feels like I get to chase summer around the global.

Each day, week and month of my life is different. Depending on the year, I’m on the road between 120-170 days between work and personal travel. I usually visit between 15-20 countries each year. Typically, there is a new country or two in there and this year they have been Australia and Croatia. In the past two years, I've hit every continent except Antarctica, which I would love to get to one day!

My office is my backpack, hotel room, airplane or rental car. While traveling for work, I tend to switch hotels on a daily basis and spend anywhere from two to six hours a day driving a rental car or sitting on a plane. When your job is to handle press and media, staying connected is crucial, even when you are in a country known for subpar Internet (I’m looking at you, Italy….) I stay connected thanks to an older Macbook air, two cell phones (Alcatel Idol 3 and Samsung G3) and a great global plan through T-Mobile. 

I’ve lived on the road for several years and people tend to be very curious about my job. It has its ups, downs and challenges like any job, mine just has a better view. I decided it was time to keep track and share these adventures.

Everything written on these pages are my ideas, opinions and thoughts. They do not reflect those of my employers or clients.